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HR Copywriter for Neohunter (Freelance work from anywhere)

HR Copywriter for Neohunter (Freelance work from anywhere)

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  • Freelance
  • Part Time
  • €100 - €200 / Daily
We are Neohunter. Remote-first innovative recruitment supplier for top companies arround EU and US.
We have a team of expert Recruiters and Talent Sourcing Specialists sitting arround whole Europe. We offer unique on-demand subscription recruiting and talent sourcing.
Recruitment-as-a-Service (RaaS) by NeoHunter is the only scalable recruitment and talent sourcing solution that's built for you. We have a team of expert Recruiters and Talent Sourcing Specialists sitting arround whole Europe.  Empower your team to find the right talent, faster. Hire a Recruiter or Talent Sourcing Expert at any time, on-demand for transparent subscription fees. Using RaaS by Neohunter you do not have any additional fee per placement or any other costs. Get our recruitment & talent sourcing professionals to work with you on your hiring projects.
When you need people, we find them for you. Our high-energy recruitment experts work hard to find and attract top talent on your behalf. With our advanced, science-driven approach to sourcing, we can help you find the right person fast no matter what industry or function they may be in. We start with a detailed understanding of who you need - taking into account cultural fit, technical experience and your business goals. From there we'll do an exhaustive search looking everywhere possible to find exactly who you're looking for - and before you know it you'll have them sitting in front of you ready to start work right away!
Job Description
  • As a one of a first key players in our organization you could play a major role how organization will be shaped
  • You will contribute also on building the team and the right sourcing strategies which are applicable also to other projects.
  • Source and Shortlist available candidates for open roles – we will do final selection, interviews and recommendation of candidates to our clients
  • Source within the pool of passive of candidates and make them interesting to our open hiring projects.
  • Act as an independent expert working hand in hand with Recruiters
  • You are detective who won’t rest until you find the information you’re looking for
  • You always try to find the most inconspicuous information about the candidates and use it to attract their attention
  • Applying the right strategies to make the candidate reply to your emails and messages
  • You will be contributing to our internal wiki on how to properly source the candidates and share your success stories. Share this during the internal workshops.
  • You will be testing new tools and plugins, working on data, non-standard approaches to sourcing, internal workshops and group sourcing huddles.
  • Help with onboarding of another colleagues
  • Thinking creatively and generating innovative solutions
  • Strong personal brand on LinkedIn together with LinkedIn Recruiter Lite account
  • Experience with recruitment from an agency or inhouse HR Teams
  • Direct talent sourcing experience for roles in IT, Marketing, Finance, HR, Engineering is a must
  • Ability to search beyond simple Boolean or X-Ray, and you look for talent beyond LinkedIn, Stack Overflow or GitHub
  • Familiar with various sourcing techniques
  • Located in central European timezone CET +/- 2h
  • Report the results on weekly huddles
  • Work ethics to deliver promised and expected results
Required Education
Required Language
  • English - fluent
  • Any other language is preferable
Suitable For Graduates



LinkedIn talent sourcing techniques

Employee Benefits
  • Job Flexibility
  • Working with innovative recruitment products and approach
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Juraj Lovas