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Rent a Recruiter and outsource the heavy candidate sourcing on Neohunter. Our transparent recruitment model is powered by the latest technology.

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Digital Headhunting

We hunt so you can hire. Our expertise lies in filling hard-to-fill positions. We guarantee suitable candidates within a maximum of 10 days.

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We build our own NeohunterGPT

  • Every assigned recruiter has exclusive access to the NeohunterGPT.
  • Boosted effectivity by real deliverables and KPIs tracked.
  • Unparalleled support in candidate sourcing, screening, and engagement.
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Start hiring now!

Gain access to the European recruitment community and scale your hiring.

Modern Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For Internal HR Teams

Recruit the right people and build an unbeatable workforce.

For Staffing Agencies

Outsource the heavy candidate sourcing for your clients on Neohunter contractors.

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What you get?

We do the sourcing and we prepare a list of potential candidates. Client is finalizing the outreach, interviews and offers.

We do the sourcing & outreaching. Client is finalizing the interviews and offers.

We are your remote talent sourcing division. We will cover all your specific recruitment projects.

Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager or Recruitment Manager supporting you within your successful recruitment journey with us.
Weekly Reporting
Weekly reporting on the delivery and our talent sourcing activities.
Job Description
Job Descriptions revisions / creation if required.
Passive Candidates Sourcing
Talent Sourcing (LinkedIn, Github, Stack Overflow, other candidate databases)
List of Potential Candidates
Delivering the list of pre-selected candidates without resumes (Long list)
Outreaching & Screening
Targeted candidate outreaching, screening & selection
List of Selected Candidates
Delivering the list of selected candidates with their resumes (Short list)
Interview Management
Full life-cycle RPO - recruitment process outsourcing. Screening, Interviews, Offers.
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White-Label Service
Our talent experts become embedded within your organization and brand.
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Technology Management
Managing the client's Applicant Tracking System, or other HCMS.
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Juraj Lovas

Managing Director at Neohunter | Recruitment-as-a-Service